International Youth and Students for Social Equality

The International Youth and Students for Social Equality is the student and youth movement of the world Trotskyist movement, the International Committee of the Fourth International.

We insist that all the great problems confronting humanity in the 21st century—war, poverty and social inequality, the drive toward fascism and dictatorship by governments internationally—are the outcome of capitalism and can only be addressed through the taking of political power by the working class and its establishment of a socialist society, founded on genuine equality.

In order to fight for socialism today, young people must understand the history of struggles of the working class in the 20th century. As part of its fight to build a global movement against imperialist war, the IYSSE is educating youth in the history and principles of Trotskyism, the Marxism of the 21st century. On this page, you can explore our program, history, campaigns and coverage. To get in touch, click the button below.

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The fight to defend public education

War abroad means war at home. The imperialist war against Russia and preparations for a new world war are bound up with a massive re-allocation of social resources away from education, health care, and social services, to war, and the self-enrichment of the financial oligarchy. The IYSSE therefore connects the struggle to defend the social, cultural and democratic rights of the working class and youth to its fight against imperialist war. We demand: Trillions for jobs, education and healthcare, not for war!

West Virginia University students lead a protest against cuts to programs in world languages, creative writing and more amid a $45 million budget deficit outside Stewart Hall in Morgantown, West Virginia on Monday, August 21, 2023. [AP Photo/Leah Willingham]
Youth and the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020 was a trigger event in world history. For generations of young people, it has become a defining element for how they view capitalist society. Because of the criminal response by the ruling class to the pandemic, generations of young people are being subject to reinfections with a dangerous pathogen that has serious long-term health consequences. The IYSSE insists that money be allocated, not to war, but to fund efforts to eradicate COVID, development new vaccines and medical treatments, and fund free health care for all. To learn more about the science of the pandemic and the ICFI’s Global Workers’ Inquest, click the button below.

The science of COVID-19 and the ICFI Workers' Inquest into the pandemic
Trotskyism, the Marxism of the 21st century

The IYSSE is the youth and student movement of the Trotskyist movement. In our work, we place a central emphasis on the study of history. In opposition to the denigration of objective truth, history and science, in academic departments, we insist that in order to change the world, young people must first of all understand it. But it is impossible to understand this world without a knowledge of history and Marxism. The Trotskyist movement, which was founded in 1923 by Leon Trotsky in the struggle against Stalinism, has emerged, over a century of struggle, as the sole continuity of the program, theory and principles of Marxism. An understanding of this history is the essential precondition for the struggle for socialism today. We urge you to explore the many topic pages on the WSWS on various aspects of the history and politics of the Marxist movement.

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