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Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

South Korean metal workers strike for new labour law; India: 10,000 Tamil Nadu power distribution workers protest privatisation; Bangladesh university workers’ strike in second week; Australia: Serco workers strike at naval bases.

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Swedish health union’s sellout of nurses’ fight for shorter hours met with outpouring of hostility on social media; strikes and protests by oil and agricultural workers and retirees over collapsing standard of living continue across Iran during presidential election; national walkout by Ghanaian state employees in all ministries over unpaid allowances and non-implemented agreed salary structure

Greek government introduces six-day working week in stepped up offensive

The New Democracy government’s attacks on the working class have earned it widespread praise from the global financial elite Standard and Poor’s has updated its outlook on Greece from “stable” to “positive”, while German business interests speak of Greece as a new model.

John Vassilopoulos

Report reveals nearly one quarter of Canadians are living in poverty

The growth of poverty, and the staggering fortunes of the corporations and the rich are not unrelated processes. They arise out of the inner workings of the capitalist system, and political decisions made by all of Canada’s major parties, including the Liberals and NDP.

Dylan Lubao

Educators in Turkey protest draft anti-labor law

While the Turkish political establishment and the trade union apparatus have been working to suppress the growing discontent of the working class against the ongoing cost of living crisis, the police attacked a protest by educators in Ankara against the new anti-labor law.

Barış Demir

Research reveals precipitous decline in UK working class living standards

The rate of material deprivation rose from 15 percent to 19 percent between 2019–20 and 2022–23, corresponding to an extra 2.8 million people. The rate of food insecurity increased from 8 percent to 11 percent over the same period, approximately 2.1 million additional people.

Simon Whelan

UN experts confirm famine throughout Gaza, condemn Israel’s starvation policy

The group's statement is an indictment all the imperialist powers, above all the United States, that have backed to the hilt Israel’s barbaric onslaught in Gaza which has reduced its buildings to rubble and its people to refugees constantly facing death by starvation, disease and bombardment.

Peter Symonds

German Health Minister Lauterbach to cut nursing care funding

After massive attacks on healthcare by German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and the ruling coalition with the so-called the hospital reform, the government is plotting its next budget-cutting offensive.

Tino Jacobson, Markus Salzmann

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Argentine police attacked a rally by 2,305 technology workers protesting their sacking by the Milei administration while the UFCW narrowly forced through ratification of a rotten agreement to end a strike at the giant Guelph Cargill beef slaughterhouse.

West Nile fever epidemic in Israel

There has as yet been no mention of the implications of the WNV outbreak for the population of Gaza, suffering an Israeli genocide that has included the decimation of health infrastructure.

Benjamin Mateus

This week in history: July 8-14

This column profiles important historical events which took place during this week, 25 years ago, 50 years ago, 75 years ago and 100 years ago

The Democratic Party crisis and the civil war election

Four months before the election, there are growing calls within the political establishment for Biden to step down as the Democratic Party candidate.

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