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Upcoming IYSSE (Australia) lecture: The fight of Trotskyism against the pseudo-left

The lecture by Nick Beams on April 28 will provide the political weapons required by young people and workers who want to take up the fight for a socialist and revolutionary perspective against the genocide and the broader eruption of militarism and war.

International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Australia)

FBI opens criminal investigation Into Baltimore bridge collapse

Following the collapse of a major bridge in Baltimore after being hit by a container ship, crew members aboard the MV Dali now risk potential criminal liability, even as the ship’s owners use 1851 maritime law to limit their responsibility.

Ray Coleman

EU and Berlin step up attacks on refugees

With the final adoption of the Common European Asylum System on April 10, the European Parliament has effectively suspended the right to asylum and turned the immigration policies of the extreme right into law.

Marianne Arens

Civil War without politics or social context

Alex Garland’s film provides violent images of a civil war in America, divorced from any examination of the social forces that would produce such a conflict.

Jacob Crosse, Patrick Martin

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

One-day general strike in Greece against pay 20 percent lower than 15 years ago and 10 percent unemployment; autoworkers and other sectors in one-day strike in Turin, Italy against mass layoffs joining 12,000 in protest; Kenyan striking doctors defy state intimidation and sack threat in fight for more staff, pay and better conditions

Starmer’s UK Labour Party declares for nuclear war

That all those auditioning for office before the ruling elite must now affirm their readiness to kill millions and destroy the planet is a stark warning. No matter who is prime minister and which party they lead, the working class in Britan, like workers internationally, confronts a single party of war.

Robert Stevens

Will Israel attack Iran’s nuclear plants?

For political and tactical reasons Israel may decide to hold back at least in the short term, but it is widely understood that the possibility of such an attack exists.

Peter Symonds

Oppose the campaign to silence opponents of the Gaza genocide on campuses!

The IYSSE demands that all faculty, students and organizations that have been terminated, expelled or suspended be immediately reinstated. The broadest possible support must be mobilized among youth and in the working class to fight for this demand. 

International Youth and Students for Social Equality (US)

New Zealand unions collaborate with thousands of job cuts

While the far-right coalition government has slashed more than 3,000 public sector jobs in a matter of weeks, the corporatist trade unions have made clear that nothing will be done to defend a single job.

John Braddock

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Gannet workers at papers in New York and Texas walked out over wages while graduate assistants at Western University struck after rejecting management’s contract offer.

Canadian imperialism outlines its plans for global war

Canada’s Liberal government presented a “defence policy update” last week that pledges tens of billions of dollars in increased military spending and outlines plans to procure a vast array of new weapons.

Keith Jones

US, South Korea conduct massive air force drills

The military exercises repeatedly conducted in the Indo-Pacific are designed to raise tensions with China and paint Beijing as the aggressor while also preparing US-led alliances for war.

Ben McGrath

Texas governor orders crackdown on pro-Palestinian speech on campuses

The reactionary decree, which explicitly targets the Students for Justice in Palestine, declares total support for Israel’s genocide and identifies every expression of criticism of Zionism as a form of antisemitism that is to be subject to punitive measures.

Josh Andrews

Sri Lankan trade unions seek alliance with opposition parties

Trade union leaders’ effort to block workers’ struggles and subordinate them to capitalist parties must be rejected. Workers can mobilise their industrial and political strength only by organising independently from capitalist parties and trade unions.

Wimal Perera

Floods devastate parts of Russia, Kazakhstan

While the rapid rise of the water levels of the Ural River was bound up with climate change, the devastating consequences of the floods are the direct result of the failure of the ruling class to invest in the infrastructure necessary to protect the population from its impact. 

Lev Novitsky

This week in history: April 15-21

This column profiles important historical events which took place during this week, 25 years ago, 50 years ago, 75 years ago and 100 years ago.

The Simpson murder case: Imitation of life

In this society, success in any endeavor is identified not with its intrinsic value or the personal satisfaction it brings, but with the accumulation of wealth and status. The concrete, qualitative side of an activity, whether it be playing football or anything else, loses significance; it becomes merely a means to an end. 

David Walsh

Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter: A masterpiece of corporate kitsch

The star’s new album, which alternates between the forgettable and the ludicrous, is a ready-made vehicle for the promotion of racialist and gender politics, along with the generation of corporate profits.

Erik Schreiber, James Martin

The O.J. Simpson trial: Some ugly truths

The outcome of the O.J. Simpson trial proved once again that the essential issue in American society is class, not race.

Martin McLaughlin and David North

Berlin police raid and shut down conference opposing Gaza genocide

On Friday afternoon, Berlin witnessed scenes reminiscent of the era of the Nazi regime. Hundreds of police officers terrorised a Palestine Congress, which was directed against the Israeli genocide in Gaza, eventually banning it altogether.

Tamino Dreisam, Peter Schwarz

New Zealand strengthens military alliance with US

New Zealand’s foreign and defence ministers visited Washington this week to reinforce their support for the US military build-up against China and the US-NATO war against Russia.

Tom Peters

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

Air India contract technicians to strike for pay parity; Telangana pharmaceutical workers demand compensation after deadly explosion; Australia: Child protection employees strike in New South Wales over staffing crisis; Adelaide rail workers walk out to demand higher pay

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