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An American massacre on the Fourth of July

The deadly mass shooting on a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago, is the latest in a string of horrific massacres that continue to plague American society.

James Martin

US paramilitary forces on the ground in Ukraine

The New York Times reported Monday that dozens of US ex-military personnel are operating on the ground in Ukraine and that retired senior US officers are directing portions of the Ukrainian war effort from within the country.

Andre Damon

Australia: Sydney again hit by devastating floods

In the fourth major flood event to hit Sydney in 18 months, many residents are seeing their homes inundated again, even before they had finished cleaning up from the last disaster in April.

Martin Scott

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Strikes by truckers in Argentina and demonstrations and blockades in Panama protested rising prices while unions covering workers at major Atlantic City, New Jersey casinos have announced settlement, blocking strike action in time for July 4 holidays.

Half year of financial turbulence set to worsen

Interest rate hikes are hitting financial operations which depended on the continuation of the Fed’s ultra-easy monetary policies which sent interest rates to historic lows as central banks pumped trillions of dollars into the financial system.

Nick Beams

Indian government proposal to study “racial purity” draws widespread attack from scientists

Any proposed attempt to define rigid racial distinctions among India’s 1.4 billion people, even if honestly undertaken, would quickly run counter to well-established scientific research that has demonstrated the immense diversity of India’s population, as well as the world’s population as a whole, with respect to genetics, language, and culture.

Philip Guelpa

This week in history: July 4-10

This column profiles important historical events which took place during this week, 25 years ago, 50 years ago, 75 years ago and 100 years ago.

Sudan’s military junta launches brutal crackdown on protests

The deadliest violence since near weekly mass protests began last October over the military’s ouster of the interim government of Dr Abdulla Hamdok brings the total number killed since the coup to 114, including 18 children.

Jean Shaoul

Australia: Striking teachers in New South Wales speak out

“I am constantly looking for casuals. There are times when I have to cold call 40 different people to cover a class. I’m not looking at their CVs anymore, if they have approval to teach, that is good enough.”

Our reporters

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and New Zealand

China: Teachers in Yantai City strike over salary cuts; India: Delhi rural childcare workers protest illegal sackings; Sri Lankan health workers strike over fuel shortages and public transport shutdown; Shell threatens to lock out offshore LNG platform maintenance workers in Western Australia

Health care workers struggles continue across the US

Nurses and other health care workers across the nation are rising up in a growing wave of strikes and protests against understaffing, lack of crucial supplies, exhausting workloads and the erosion of their living standards by the sharp rise in inflation.

Health Care Workers Newsletter

US Steel announces layoffs at Granite City Works in Illinois

US Steel announced plans to lay of nearly a thousand workers at its Granite City Works mill in Illinois while it reports massive profit gains and enters into contract negotiations with the United Steelworkers.

Jessica Goldstein

Why was there no organized resistance to Trump’s January 6 coup?

New facts as well as old ones point incontrovertibly to the reality that Donald Trump and his accomplices attempted to wipe out the results of a national election and bring down the US government and Constitution on January 6, 2021, seeking to establish a presidential dictatorship.

David Walsh

Letter to a Young Trotskyist in Russia

This letter, written by David North to a Trotskyist in Russia, reviews the historical and political foundation of the ICFI's opposition to the US-NATO war against Russia.

David North

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Massive strike wave of airport and airline workers continues across Europe, with cabin crew, mechanics, baggage handlers, air traffic controllers in dispute over job losses and workloads; UK Post Office staff to strike again over pay as Royal Mail postal workers ballot for action against a similar pay offer, and Royal Mail managers vote to strike over job cuts; Danish construction workers walk out in wildcat strike demanding pay parity for Polish migrant workers; South African power station workers in wildcat strikes over pay and conditions after talks break down, unions distance themselves from the dispute

US announces plans to flood Europe with troops and weapons

US President Joe Biden has announced a sweeping increase in US troop deployments to Europe as part of a plan by NATO to militarize the continent for its ongoing war with Russia and escalating conflict with China.

Andre Damon
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