The International Workers Alliance of Rank-and-File Committees

Report to Seventh Congress of Socialist Equality Party (US)

Build rank-and-file committees, the organs of 21st century working class struggle!

This report was given by Eric London to the Seventh Congress of the Socialist Equality Party (US) in support of the resolution titled “Build the International Workers Alliance of Rank-and-File Committees! For a global counteroffensive of the working class!”

Eric London

Google lays off 12,000 workers as tech jobs bloodbath intensifies

The announcement by Google that it is laying off 12,000 workers is the latest in the intensifying jobs bloodbath in the technology sector internationally and the spearhead of a drive by the financial elite to impose the inflation crisis on the backs of the working class.

Kevin Reed

The rank and file demand an all-out strike in the auto industry!

The Autoworkers Rank-and-File Committee Network calls for workers at every factory to organize now to fight for an all-out strike. At each UAW local, meetings must be held involving the entire rank-and-file membership to discuss and vote on resolutions demanding all-out strike action.

Autoworkers Rank-and-File Committee Network

Striker: “We will be here 100 days, 200 days. I’m ready to go five years.”

Millionaire celebrities delay talk show return after Writers Guild announces negotiations with studios, networks

After facing enormous backlash on social media and on the picket lines, talk show hosts Bill Maher, Drew Barrymore, and Jennifer Hudson announced they would temporarily pause returning to their talk shows after the Writers Guild of America confirmed on Monday that they would resume negotiations with the major studios on Wednesday in the hopes of getting a deal “as soon as possible.”

Jacob Crosse, Marc Wells

GEO ratifies sellout contract at University of Michigan, calls off strike

The GEO/AFT, which is politically dominated by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), used the university’s threat to fire strikers who fail to return to work by the start of the fall term on Monday, August 28, to browbeat the student workers into accepting the university-dictated sellout contract.

Judy Ryden

Michigan healthcare workers picket

Workers recently voted by 99 percent to authorize a strike, decisively rejecting the hospital’s latest contract offer.

Michael Anders

Consultant psychiatrist speaks on UK’s joint junior-senior doctors strike

An NHS consultant said, “Ideally, I’d like to be seeing more actions taken across professions. I’m very much interested in general actions. Whether it’s with the railway workers, the postal workers, these are problems that are being felt because of the cost-of-living crisis across the board. I don’t see these problems as being relegated to single domains, as if our interests were somehow independent of other professions.”

Our reporters

New Zealand medical laboratory workers strike

The Awanui laboratory workers have joined a series of strikes by healthcare workers, who confront a worsening staffing crisis and soaring living costs.

John Braddock, Tom Peters

Parents and students support growing rebellion of Las Vegas teachers

Over the past week, Las Vegas students and parents have been organizing walkouts and rallies in support of teachers at the Clark County School District (CCSD), the fifth-largest school district in the US with over 300,000 students and 18,000 teachers.

Hong Jian

Amazon JFK8 workers at a crossroads: Which way forward?

The struggle of workers at Amazon’s JFK8 facility in Staten Island, New York, is at a turning point, and a different strategy is necessary to wage an effective fight against the trillion-dollar company.

Elliott Murtagh, Erik Schreiber

Australia: Two workers killed at Queensland zinc mine

The tragic death of two young workers, Dylan Langridge and Trevor Davis, highlights the ongoing refusal of mining corporations, governments and unions to implement basic safety measures.

Martin Scott
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