In memory of Danny Walters, 1960 - 2021

Video: Death of a Dana worker

Danny Walters lost his life after having a seizure at work at Dana's Dry Ridge, Kentucky plant on the night of June 1, 2021. In this video, his widow Marcia speaks out against the sweatshop conditions which contributed to his untimely death.

Zac Corrigan and Eric London

UK businesses call for prisoners to be used to plug labour shortage

The Ministry of Justice said prisoners hired by meat companies would get paid, unless unpaid work was part of their sentence and that “wages would vary according to which businesses inmates work for” but would “probably be less than what an ordinary member of the public would earn.”

Julie Hyland

Close New York City schools! Fight to eradicate COVID-19!

Our committee condemns the plans to open schools by New York City’s Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday, September 13, and calls for fully remote learning as part of a broader strategy to eradicate COVID-19.

New York City Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee
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