Public meeting in Australia: Stop Israel’s genocide against Gaza!

The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) in Australia is holding a public meeting calling for an end to the genocidal war being unleashed on the Palestinian population in Gaza. What is unfolding before the eyes of the world is a crime of monumental proportions comparable to those of the Nazis.

The meeting will be on Sunday, November 5 at 4 p.m. (AEDT) in Community Room 1, Bryan Brown Theatre, 80 Rickard Rd, Bankstown, New South Wales (NSW). For those unable to attend in person, the event will also be livestreamed via Zoom. Reserve your seat now!

The Netanyahu regime is subjecting the more than 2 million people in Gaza to systematic starvation, dehydration, and unrelenting bombing of civilian targets, including the bombing of the Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City on Thursday, killing up to 500 people. This is in advance of an imminent ground invasion.

The relentless propaganda campaign of the mass media portrays these atrocities as supposedly justified acts of self-defence in retaliation for the military offensive launched by Hamas on October 7. What has been portrayed as a terrorist attack was a genuine popular uprising undertaken by the Palestinians against a massively armed oppressor.

The Israeli regime is using this as a justification to implement a long-planned campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Gaza Strip, which will possibly spread to the West Bank and more broadly.

Israel is being entirely backed by all the major capitalist powers, including the Biden administration in the United States, which has deployed multiple aircraft carriers to the region and has given the Netanyahu regime a blank cheque to carry out its war crimes.

The Albanese Labor government in Australia has joined the chorus of leaders supporting the Israeli crimes. In a display of bloodthirsty bipartisan militarism, the Labor government joined hands with the Liberal-National Coalition last week to pass a parliamentary motion giving full support to Israel’s genocidal bombardment of defenceless Palestinians.

The Australian media and political establishment have denounced any opposition to this agenda as antisemitism and have attempted to shut down mass protests that have erupted under false claims of the danger of “hate speech.”

Despite the ongoing threats of censorship, protests and rallies have been held across the country, with tens of thousands of workers and young people participating. Similar mass rallies have occurred globally, demonstrating that the sympathy of the vast majority of the world’s population is with the Palestinians.

What is now critical is that this opposition be turned towards mobilising the working class. It must be armed with a political program and socialist perspective.

The genocidal campaign against Gaza is part of an explosion of imperialist violence as the ruling elites seek a global redivision of the world. At the same time, the ruling class is waging an internal battle against the working class at home, with an escalating assault on social and living conditions to funnel billions of dollars to war.

The working class must be mobilised to stop this genocide. Industrial action must be taken to deprive the Israeli regime of the resources they need to prosecute this war. Above all, such a struggle necessitates a fight against capitalism.

At the meeting, leading members of the SEP will discuss this perspective and present the party’s socialist and internationalist program. Ample time will be provided for questions and discussion. Register today!