Book launch: Vadim Rogovin's Was There an Alternative?
Mehring Books and the World Socialist Web Site announce the book launch of Vadim Rogovin’s Was There an Alternative? 1923-1927, Trotskyism: A Look Back Through the Years. This webinar features an online discussion with David North, chair of the International Editorial Board of the WSWS, and close friend and comrade of Rogovin, to discuss the book and the remarkable life of its author. It also features never-before-seen footage of David North’s tribute to Rogovin, given on the occasion of Rogovin’s 60th birthday.
Was There an Alternative? is the first volume of the Russian Marxist historian’s monumental series on the history of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1940. Its publication in English is a historic event. The book traces the complex inner-party struggles of 1922-27, analyzing contemporaneous official documents, speeches and articles, Soviet archival material, memoirs of participants in political life, and documents by members of the Left Opposition that were suppressed in the Soviet Union for many decades.
Rogovin’s work brings to light the rich and complex history of the Marxist opposition to the usurpation of the Russian Revolution by the Stalinist bureaucracy. It unearths from beneath the lies, piled high by the Stalinists and post-Soviet academics for nearly a century, the fight of Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition for an alternative, revolutionary course for the Soviet Union.
Moderators:Joseph Scalice is a historian of Stalinism in Southeast Asia. He is the author of The Drama of Dictatorship: Martial Law and the Communist Parties of the Philippines (Cornell, 2022).Andrea Peters is a sociologist and writer for the World Socialist Web Site whose work focuses on the Soviet Union and Russia.
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