Miners must take control of the struggle into their own hands!

Alabama miners are determined to fight, but the UMWA is isolating the strike and working to defeat it.

That's why we're building independent rank-and-file committees of miners, linked with committees of autoworkers, educators, and Amazon workers, which will break the isolation imposed by the corporate-controlled unions and unite the working class.

join the fight
Build a rank-and-file committee of miners!

The International Workers Alliance of Rank-and-File Committees (IWA-RFC) now includes committees of rank-and-file autoworkers, educators, Amazon workers, postal workers, and bus drivers.

If you are a rank-and-file mine worker, fill out this form now to contact us and start building a committee.

You can also text us at 205-614-9370

UK government continues plunder of miners’ pension scheme

The state-orchestrated defeat of the year-long 1984-5 strike paved the way for the privatisation of the pension scheme. The defeat saw the mass closures of pits, the end of the UK mining industry, and the widespread impoverishment of mining communities.

Dennis Moore

Public anger over cover-up of Pike River mine disaster

The media has blacked out the widespread opposition to the New Zealand Labour Party government’s decision to seal Pike River mine that prevents a thorough investigation and accountability for the deaths of 29 men in the 2010 disaster.

Tom Peters

Dana workers: We should be on strike!

A growing strike wave of historical proportions is taking place against decades of attacks on living standards and working conditions, and we must be a part of it.

Dana Workers’ Rank-and-File Committee

Deere workers issue statement calling for strategy to win strike

The recently formed John Deere Workers Rank-and-File Committee is calling for a strategy to expand the strike, provide workers with the necessary resources, and prevent another sellout by the UAW.

John Deere Workers Rank-and-File Committee