Build rank-and-file committees!

The World Socialist Web Site and the Socialist Equality Parties are assisting workers everywhere in the building of an interconnected network of rank-and-file committees, to organize a united counter-offensive against inequality, exploitation, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the rapidly escalating imperialist world war.

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There are now rank-and-file committees of autoworkers, educators, Amazon and logistics workers, postal workers, bus drivers, and many other sections of the working class.

Rank-and-file committees are of, by and for the rank-and-file workers, who have a different set of interests than management, the bosses, the politicians, and the trade union apparatus, who oppress workers in order to defend the profits of the ruling elite.

Contact us now to join a committee. If there is not already a committee in your workplace, industry or region, we will help you start one!

One-day general strike in Czech Republic to oppose austerity; walkout at Iranian University in defence of students targeted for not wearing hijab; Nigerian maritime workers to strike in solidarity with truckers

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

One-day general strike in Czech Republic in opposition to austerity across public and private sectors including teachers, doctors and car workers; walkout at Iranian University as students without hijab targeted amid further strikes and protests over pay and social conditions; maritime workers in Nigeria ready to walkout in solidarity with truckers at the ports suffering harassment and extortion

The pandemic must be ended!