Railroad Workers Rank-and-File Committee public meeting: Organize to prepare for a national strike!

The Railroad Workers Rank-and-File Committee is sponsoring an online meeting for railroaders and their supporters, “Organize to prepare for a national strike!” this Wednesday at 7 p.m. Eastern time. To register, click here.

With the upcoming expiration of the cooling-off period, 100,000 railroaders are gearing up for a historic showdown against not only the railroads and the government, but the treacherous union officials who are attempting to ram through the terms of the Presidential Emergency Board. Meanwhile, support for strike action is overwhelming among railroaders, who want to make a stand for decent working conditions and standards of living for workers everywhere.

The Committee is holding this public meeting to serve as a democratic forum for railroaders to discuss their independent strategy and prepare in advance of Friday night. The committee urges workers to form independent, rank-and-file strike committees at all carriers and terminals to take control of the fight out of the hands of the union bureaucracy. Members of the committee will also speak and answer questions from the audience.

Workers from other industries are encouraged to attend and speak with railroaders about the situation in their own workplaces and discuss how to unify the whole working class behind the railroaders.

To join the Committee, or to contact them, email railwrfc@gmail.com. Alternatively, fill out the form below: