The struggle of health care workers
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The WSWS Healthcare Workers Newsletter fights to unite all healthcare workers with the entire working class to maintain safe working conditions, oppose hospital closures and layoffs, and defend the right to high quality health care.

Michigan healthcare workers picket

Workers recently voted by 99 percent to authorize a strike, decisively rejecting the hospital’s latest contract offer.

Michael Anders

Consultant psychiatrist speaks on UK’s joint junior-senior doctors strike

An NHS consultant said, “Ideally, I’d like to be seeing more actions taken across professions. I’m very much interested in general actions. Whether it’s with the railway workers, the postal workers, these are problems that are being felt because of the cost-of-living crisis across the board. I don’t see these problems as being relegated to single domains, as if our interests were somehow independent of other professions.”

Our reporters

New Zealand medical laboratory workers strike

The Awanui laboratory workers have joined a series of strikes by healthcare workers, who confront a worsening staffing crisis and soaring living costs.

John Braddock, Tom Peters
Build rank-and-file committees throughout the healthcare industry!

The World Socialist Web Site is assisting healthcare workers in the building of a network of interconnected rank-and-file committees.

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