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Build rank-and-file committees throughout the auto industry!

The WSWS Autoworker Newsletter is assisting autoworkers in the building of a network of interconnected rank-and-file committees, connected with educators, Amazon workers, and workers in other key sections of industry.

Fill out this form to be contacted by someone from the WSWS Autoworker Newsletter and the Socialist Equality Party about joining the committee nearest you. If a committee at your workplace does not exist, we will help you build one.

A private Facebook group for workers to share information and develop a strategy to fight.

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Demand a new UAW election! All power to the rank and file!

The UAW bureaucracy’s continued sellout of workers, the further exposure of corruption, and now the exposure that Fain was installed in an illegitimate election make an indisputable case for the holding of a new UAW election.

International Workers Alliance of Rank-and-File Committees
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